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Iím playing the best poker of my life right now. Yeah itís against some of the weakest players and at the lowest limits online but a few months ago I was getting my ass handed to me playing the same limits! I owe all my success like I said before to changing my ABC style into a relentless controlled aggression style, combined with plenty of tournament experience. Iím also putting all my efforts on improving my cash game skills and I know with a little practice and a higher bankroll my results will improve.

This week I played 17 tournaments and I had 6 cashes. I had an 8th, 7th, 6th, 6th, 3th, & a 2nd winning 11.80 tournament buy-ins. In the tournament where I placed 2nd place I put my money in the middle with 18 outs on the flop but I just didnít get there, or else I would be writing a very different blog! I feel like my tournament game is at a very high level right now, and itís just a matter of time till I start moving up the stakes. Iím playing my best and Iím starting to recognize more betting patterns, timing tells, and other little nuances of the game thatís increasing my bankroll and increasing my confidence.

I also played 8 cash games sessions and won 4 but for only 1.08 buy-ins. My cash game skills still need work, I dropped down to the lowest limits online and I saw a small profit. It could of been I little higher but constantly bluffing, mistakes, and bad luck really threw a wrench in that. I also had some crazy bad beats including AA losing to K-K twice!

Overall I had a decent week at the tables, I put in the heavy volume that I really wanted to do and I won 12.88 tournament buy-ins bringing my bankroll to 85.88. I feel like Iím well on my way to finding that perfect balance and Iím excited to see some better results.

Good luck out there