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Learning PROCESS

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Tournament poker is the reason I got into the game. Flashback to 2003, I remember watching ESPN with fascination and diving head first into low-limit cash games and losing my ass. I played my cash game sessions the way I learned the game through final table highlights and all-in hands edited into neat little one hour episodes. Playing this way has cost me money over the years and itís a hard habit to break playing this way when Iím not entirely focused. Iíve almost completely phased out playing this way in tournaments but somehow it keeps showing up in my cash game sessions. Sometimes I lose focus and I go into autopilot and play this way and itís totally costing me money.

I had a great week grinding tournaments, I played 11 and made 4 final tables. I got two 3rds, a 5th and a 7th winning almost 9 tournament buy-insÖbut I still broke even because I fell back into old habits and tried to run it up playing multiple cash game tables. It took me roughly 9-10 hours to win those buy-ins playing those tournaments and only 30 mins to lose it back playing cash games! It really hurt losing those buy-ins so quickly because when I play tournaments I give it my all and try my hardest. Itís very disappointing losing the money I earned working so hard to get in such a quick fashion but what do you expect when you play a coin flip style of play???

I need to maintain my focus and think about the big picture. Just because I run/play good in tournaments it doesnít mean I can dominate cash games. It doesnít work like that, Iíve devoted hours upon hours to tournament poker and built my skill level up now I need to do it for my cash game. I plan to re-read the cash game section in Doyle Brunsonís Super System and hit the lowest limit cash game tables on SealsWithClubs till I get some confidence in my game. I want to become a well rounded player and have multiple ways of earning money through poker.

Good luck out there