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Change UP

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One thing Iíve realized about poker over these past 10 years is change is constant. You canít get comfortable because poker is constantly evolving and moving in different directions. Last year my local cardroom closed down, where I made a small profit constantly playing small stakes nlhe tournaments and it caused me to search for a new room. Iíve lost money ever since and it caused me to drop down to the micro online games. I think my losing has something to do with the mental aspect and also with my comfort level.

I played the first half of the week in my regular fashion playing my favorite tournament over and over. I ran bad Monday- Wednesday I didnít cash in any of the 9 tournaments I played in. On Thursday I got home ready to grind but when I turned on my computer my favorite tournament was gone, just like that. I contacted support and they said It was removed but it will return, there just wasnít a set date.

This kind of tilted me, my bread and butter tournament was gone, my number one money maker was gone but for how long? I started grinding the low-limit cash games and had some immediate success, but eventually I lost it all back and a couple tournament buy-ins. I also played a couple higher buy-in tournaments and didnít cash at all. Sunday they finally brought back my tournament and I played 4 of those. The first three my confidence was shot and I lost fairly quickly. The last one I played a had a deep run but two away from the money I missed my flush draw against the chip leader and got busted.

Overall I had one of my worst weeks grinding the low-limits. I played 15-16 tournaments and cashed in zero (It hurts seeing that number) and I had a few crappy cash game sessions bringing my bankroll to 73. I lost 3 tournament buy-ins this week but it feels like a 100. I got to keep my head up because downswings eventually happen. Iím just going to look at the bright side this is only my second losing week in three months and I only lost 3 buy-ins. Canít complain too much.

Good luck out there