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    There are so many different online poker laws in so many jurisdictions around the world. Is online poker allowed where you live? Will you get in trouble for playing it? Is there licensed and regulated online poker in your area? Unless you keep up with poker news closely, it's often difficult to answer this. I found a great site which answers these questions called pokerlaws.org. Best yet, it's simple, direct, and easy to use. Honestly, I think it's a pretty good resource, and it will be updated frequently.
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    Bitcoins are officially donkdown

    right but again, to borrow some advertising jargon; what shape is the box that libra fills?

    show me the case study where anyone anywhere

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    Bitcoins are officially donkdown

    Quote Originally Posted by sonatine View Post
    im trying to find the problem that fbcrypto solves and coming up empty.

    been worth about $30B give or take since it was

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    New DIY PC

    get a nerd forum

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    Belly Buster

    New DIY PC

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    I just checked the specs. Only one slot is running at x16
    Not a huge difference but the x8 and x4 slot have less bandwidth.

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    Chip Jett's nose, whatever

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    True fact: Over the past few years, Iíve learned how to go without showering for months at a time and not have noticable body odor, with

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