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  1. Hustler Casino Live scammer GONE WRONG. Huge losses according to Highroll Poker

    The list of Hustler Casino Live scammers has gotten longer and longer over the years but one thing is for sure, collectively they have dumped millions of dollars on stream.

    There's a website called Highroll Poker that records results from all of the major livestream cash game shows like Hustler, The Lodge, Triton, etc. that I'm going to be referencing for the data.

    Case Study #1: Wesley Fei (Wenzhi Fei)

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  2. Crashing World Poker Tour (WPT) Shooting Star 2016 (20 minutes)

    Trying my hand at commentating the poker action, or the lack of it.
  3. My video of 2011 WPT Shooting Star

    My video for poker friends of the 2011 World Poker Tour (WPT) Shooting Star that didnít make TV. Was press credentialed for the tournament as an Examiner reporter. One segment of the 5:00 video was a Mike Matusow profanity rant the WPT executives didnít like and hoped to not view until I uploaded it to YouTube :-)

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  4. Texas Poker Road Trips 2 & 3

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    My last blog post was just over 2 years ago, in July of 2021, after returning from my first poker road trip through Texas. During that trip I visited the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas to play poker in as many of the Texas social poker clubs as possible and to pick up lots of chips to add to my casino chip collection. Many of you enjoyed reading about my experiences -- especially those of you who have never played poker in Texas.

    I made ...
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  5. Paranormal

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