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  1. Just WIN (With a quote from Scott Davies 2014 WSOP APAC Main Event champion)

    Big or small, tournament victories are hard to come by. Winning makes all the difference. Long hours at the computer screen or at the felt can seem pointless without the victory. Being the last player left in a tournament is the best feeling ever, it means no ones skill or luck could overcome you that day.

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    These two weeks back at the grind have pretty tough but I have shown some profit. I played 15 tournaments, made 6 final tables, I got a 5th, ...

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  2. Welcome BACK

    I'm back!!! Sorry for the wait, I've just been distracted by life. Exhaustion, work, and a crappy social life has been taking up most of my time. I've been very distracted and my game has definitely suffered. I lost 80% of my online bankroll by taking shots in bigger games and playing when not feeling 100%. I totally tilted and strayed away from my profitable hyperaggressive style.

    The huge swings in the higher buy- in tournaments caught up to me and ate my bankroll up, but I did ...
  3. New PLAN

    2014 isnít turning out to be so great, 6 months in and Iím already down $883! My online game has really taken off, but my live game has taken a nose dive. Not having a casino close to my house running cash games and tournaments, isn't allowing me to put in the heavy volume, that I feel you need to succeed at poker. Bad luck and bad play is also a cause of the problem, I estimate Iíve thrown away $515 due to bad play. Iíve played 13 live tournaments and only cashed in 1, and Iíve played 3 cash game ...
  4. Finding BALANCE

    Iím playing the best poker of my life right now. Yeah itís against some of the weakest players and at the lowest limits online but a few months ago I was getting my ass handed to me playing the same limits! I owe all my success like I said before to changing my ABC style into a relentless controlled aggression style, combined with plenty of tournament experience. Iím also putting all my efforts on improving my cash game skills and I know with a little practice and a higher bankroll my results will ...
  5. Learning PROCESS

    Tournament poker is the reason I got into the game. Flashback to 2003, I remember watching ESPN with fascination and diving head first into low-limit cash games and losing my ass. I played my cash game sessions the way I learned the game through final table highlights and all-in hands edited into neat little one hour episodes. Playing this way has cost me money over the years and itís a hard habit to break playing this way when Iím not entirely focused. Iíve almost completely phased out playing ...
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