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    The number one reason I play poker for is profit. Donít get me wrong I have fun playing poker but Iíd rather be on the beach sipping a Corona, with a pretty senorita by my side than at the poker tables grinding my ass off. When it all comes down to it poker is work and if you not mentality and physically ready to work chances are your going to fail or not be as successful as someone that gives there all to there craft. People that have dreams of becoming a professional poker player must remember ...
  2. Running HOT

    Iím having a great week playing tournaments, Iím so close to getting even online I can taste it. Playing my aggressive, raise with anything in position style has proven to be much more valuable than my prior tight ABC approach. I canít picture myself ever getting away from this style. Raise after, raise makes your opponents easy to manipulate and easier to read. At the same time itís easier for them to play back at you so at times I use ďcontrolled aggressionĒ and it shows with my multiple cashes ...
  3. Turning the corner

    Iíve always promoted playing a tight aggressive style but lately Iíve been deploying an extremely loose aggressive style. Iíve been playing position making raises and reraises with any two cards and the second I sense weakness in my opponents I usually move in on them. This style is extremely dangerous and I do not suggest playing or using it unless your very confident in youíre reading abilities. This style is very high risk, very high rewardÖ.

    Iíve played 8 tournaments this week, ...

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