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  1. Welcome BACK

    I'm back!!! Sorry for the wait, I've just been distracted by life. Exhaustion, work, and a crappy social life has been taking up most of my time. I've been very distracted and my game has definitely suffered. I lost 80% of my online bankroll by taking shots in bigger games and playing when not feeling 100%. I totally tilted and strayed away from my profitable hyperaggressive style.

    The huge swings in the higher buy- in tournaments caught up to me and ate my bankroll up, but I did ...
  2. Change UP

    One thing Iíve realized about poker over these past 10 years is change is constant. You canít get comfortable because poker is constantly evolving and moving in different directions. Last year my local cardroom closed down, where I made a small profit constantly playing small stakes nlhe tournaments and it caused me to search for a new room. Iíve lost money ever since and it caused me to drop down to the micro online games. I think my losing has something to do with the mental aspect and also with ...
  3. Monkey cash

    Analysis of my poker playing skill through my Poker Manager app has shown me my cash game win rate is significant lower than my tournament win rate so naturally Iíve kept a distance from cash games. Lately Iíve been running bad in tournaments, something like the 0-15 in 12 days so I decided to try something different. My bread and butter are low stake tournaments but with running and playing so bad Iíve been strictly playing freerolls, bad thing is they run every two hours. Iíve been trying my hardest ...

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