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  1. I Uploaded a Youtube Music Video

    I was using itunes before and had it on shuffle when I stumbled on an underground uk hip hop track that I remember listening to years ago. It's called 'Call The Doctor' by some complete unknowns by the name of 'The Extremists'. I typed the song into Youtube only to find that it wasn't on there, which is surprising because Youtube has literally everything. So I decided to make a video by using a hospital scene from the anime movie 'Akira' and think that it fits quite well.

    It's the ...

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  2. The Messenger Always Gets Shot

    The Messenger Always Gets Shot

    When talking about controversial topics amongst a group that conforms to popular consensus, it would be a smart decision to go with the grain; unless you don't mind causing a stir and the consequent knee-jerk 'ad-hom' reactions that usually come with such territory. It reminds me of the old Japanese proverb:

    "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down"

  3. I survived the LAPC

    With the LAPC main event currently under way and the series coming to an end I decided to write about my experience at this year’s 2015 LAPC. I only played 2 events due to insufficient bankroll and time constraints. I managed to play Event #1 a $175 buy-in $100,000 guarantee No-Limit Hold’em tournament and Event #20 a $240 $500,000 guarantee also nlhe. I totally held my own and never felt outmatched in these massive +700 player fields. I played one hand at a time and just focused on my table and ...
  4. Ireland Trip Report

    I'm in Ireland visiting family for the week, and as I won a ticket for a €200 tournament at the Dublin poker festival I figured the trip would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Well, I've had great 'craic' with the family so that's half the mission complete but I busted the poker comp on Saturday and went back to the festival last night to play some side games and cash only to continue running like dog shit and lose a few hundred euro.
    I'm having a torrid time with live poker ...
  5. Waiting for the next BOOM

    All I hear about these days is how hard poker is to beat and how in the early days a mediocre poker player could make a healthy living off the game, because the opposition was so weak. This frustrates me because I feel like I missed my chance to capitalize on the online poker boom, I feel like my game and bankroll is at a level where if I had the opportunity, I could succeed at online poker if the games were really that juicy.

    I reside in beautiful California, and currently it is ...
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