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  1. Las Vegas Halloween Casino Chips

    Halloween is just around the corner, and for some casinos, this means it's time to produce limited edition chips designs specifically for the holiday. While Nevada Gaming no longer authorizes casinos to produce limited edition chips in the $1 denomination, casinos can still produce $5, $25, and $100 chips geared towards the casino chip collecting community. The $1 Halloween chip below was produced by Mahoney's Silver Nugget in North Las Vegas back in 2001 before the law changed.

  2. The Story of the Playboy Casino Chip Find

    This is the story of my $2.50 Playboy Casino chip.

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    Do you ever wonder where casino chips go once the property no longer needs them? Casinos get rid of chips either because they've replaced/updated their house rack of chips, have sold to another owner, or have just closed their doors. Each state has laws in place dictating what must be done with old chips. For example, in Nevada the chips must be destroyed, and in Washington they can be sold as ...
  3. The Story of Caesars Palace and the 25th Anniversary Chip

    In 1991, Caesars Palace celebrated their 25th anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, they came up with the novel idea to produce a limited edition $25 casino chip. Their hope was that patrons might decide to keep the $25 chip as a souvenir upon visiting the property. Since the chip would cost Caesars less than a dollar to design and produce, this venture might even turn a profit.

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    They decided to produce 50,000 chips -- all in the $25 denomination ...
  4. The Spite Call

    Everybody loves a good poker story. Poker, a lot like sports, in one of the few places where one can get pure enjoyment off of other people's misery....depending on your point of view.

    This story is one of the funniest, yet weirdest, things I have ever encountered at a poker table. It goes to show that like on the pitch, the court, or the diamond...things can get personal on the felt. And when it does, hilarity ensues.

    So here we are, at a local $1/$2 game in Boston. ...

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  5. The Run Bad Poker Mentality: Trying to CORRECT what is in your power at the tables.

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I wrote a blog and figured I would do one today.

    I've had a few bad months recently at the tables so I figured it would be a nice time to write this blog regarding variance and a persons mentality when nothing seems to go right for several months in a row.

    Anyone who has played a decent amount of poker in their life will deal with running bad. A lot of things can contribute to your downswing at the tables. Many times it starts ...
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