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  1. Are you prepared for the WSOP?

    The beast that is the World Series Of Poker is among us. It’s massive player fields with equally massive prize pools are only a few short weeks away. Are you ready? Have you prepared? Do you have what it takes to survive these 1000+ player fields filled with a bevy of established poker professionals and gaggles of amateurs taking their one shot? Can you navigate through these enormous minefields, and take home the coveted WSOP gold bracelet? Do you have it in you?

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  2. I Uploaded a Youtube Music Video

    I was using itunes before and had it on shuffle when I stumbled on an underground uk hip hop track that I remember listening to years ago. It's called 'Call The Doctor' by some complete unknowns by the name of 'The Extremists'. I typed the song into Youtube only to find that it wasn't on there, which is surprising because Youtube has literally everything. So I decided to make a video by using a hospital scene from the anime movie 'Akira' and think that it fits quite well.

    It's the ...

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  3. The Messenger Always Gets Shot

    The Messenger Always Gets Shot

    When talking about controversial topics amongst a group that conforms to popular consensus, it would be a smart decision to go with the grain; unless you don't mind causing a stir and the consequent knee-jerk 'ad-hom' reactions that usually come with such territory. It reminds me of the old Japanese proverb:

    "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down"

  4. I survived the LAPC

    With the LAPC main event currently under way and the series coming to an end I decided to write about my experience at this year’s 2015 LAPC. I only played 2 events due to insufficient bankroll and time constraints. I managed to play Event #1 a $175 buy-in $100,000 guarantee No-Limit Hold’em tournament and Event #20 a $240 $500,000 guarantee also nlhe. I totally held my own and never felt outmatched in these massive +700 player fields. I played one hand at a time and just focused on my table and ...
  5. Ireland Trip Report

    I'm in Ireland visiting family for the week, and as I won a ticket for a €200 tournament at the Dublin poker festival I figured the trip would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Well, I've had great 'craic' with the family so that's half the mission complete but I busted the poker comp on Saturday and went back to the festival last night to play some side games and cash only to continue running like dog shit and lose a few hundred euro.
    I'm having a torrid time with live poker ...
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