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  1. Censorship

    I have a blog at 2p2 I started a long time ago and recently I wrote in it detailing my research into world history and politics. I want to know why this world is so messed up and I found it. What is exciting to know is that so many others have found it too and have made great content and some great memes that stir lots of questions in " normies" .
    For me I have a personal issue with how the system has held sway over my life and impacted it greatly along the way. From the day I ...
  2. Texas Poker Road Trip

    (12-21 June 2021)

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    I just returned from a road trip through Texas. My objective was to play poker in as many of these new “Private Social Poker Clubs” as I could, and to collect some $1 chips to add to my collection. Before I even returned home, several people had contacted me asking for trip details. Some were considering making a similar poker road trip through Texas and others just wanted to know how Texas poker clubs operate. My casino chip ...
  3. Baccarat and Blackjack Card Counting

    If you are willing to bet with your head, not over it, winning long-term at baccarat and 21 can be had via counting cards. I worked in the casino industry as a craps/21 dealer in Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas before getting a legit job at the USPS. Using this experience and my love for math, I managed to make a spare income playing in casinos a couple of times a year for the last 30 years. I shared some of the knowledge on YouTube and Twitter to the dismay of "recognized experts" who ...

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  4. So I get Paid 80% of my Salary to do Nothing

    This is as much of an update to my working situation if anything: Currently I work for a company which supplies data to the betting industry. Since Corona has struck in this country we have been put on furlough which means we can't work and my employer will claim 80% of my salary back from the government which I will be paid until this lockdown / no work situation is ongoing.

    My last blog post on here was talking about how I had been fired from my previous employer, and reading back ...
  5. Persistence pays OFF

    Waking up in the morning was always hard for me. Ever since I was a little kid my mom would be constantly yelling at me to wake up. I used to hide under the blankets and tell my mom I was looking for my socks and would go back to sleep. My laziness carried on into my teenage years, I was always in trouble for being late in high school, it was like pulling teeth to get me out of bed. As a young adult I was always getting fired for coming in late or missing days at work. It was like I had no self ...
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