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  1. Blackjack card counting

    Being a postal worker with a lot of stress, I channeled my anger into winning at blackjack. I felt like going postal at times during my career as a postal worker. I was a recovering hi-lo card count loser before discovering my JSTAT Count over twenty years ago. I was barred for card counting in the 90's using a count never used before. Little did the casinos know that the barring would result in the spreading of my JSTAT Count on the Internet and YouTube. The ten cards are counted as minus two and ...
  2. Dealing blackjack to Amazing Kreskin & Ken Uston

    I dealt single deck blackjack to Kreskin in 1979 on the graveyard shift at Harolds Club in Reno. He was doing a show at Harrah's and decided to play blackjack afterwards. The table was empty and he came up to my table and bought in with a $100 bill. Kreskin hardly said a word and spread $5-$20 and won a couple of hundred dollars.

    From seeing his shows, I was wondering if Kreskin could read my mind while peeking under a ten card or ace, looking for the dreaded dealer blackjack. Kreskin ...
  3. Gambling genius John Scarne was first blackjack card counter before Ed Thorp

    I blasted the card counting community in 1996 by defending an old school gambling expert John Scarne who was torched by the blackjack community, so I defended him. The JSTAT Count is similar and defended him fighting trolls since 1996.[

    John Scarne finally admitted that he had a card casing system in his book "Scarne's Complete Guide To Gambling"(1986). On page 370, Scarne explains his COUNTOWN SYSTEM. This method did not fit into computer programs and more importantly wins. ...
  4. Poor Joe

    In the summer of 2007, my wife and I stayed at Harvey's as we do every summer. Her cousin who has been a resident of South Lake Tahoe since 1976 visited us in our room. He brought his wife, son, and an old friend of his. His friend was named Joe. When he introduced us, he said Joe was the casino manager of Harvey's, but now retired. I looked at him and knew him right away since I worked at Harvey's in 1979. They laid me off because of the gas crisis then. Last one hired, first one fired. I told ...
  5. Dan Druff the Magic Dragon

    When I first started this account in 2012, I knew I didn't have time to put in a lot of time considering I had just moved to Vegas.

    I have ALWAYS enjoyed Druff's personality and wit. The NWP days were the true glory days of poker.

    I do not want to be enemies with any of you.

    I seen southpoint was hiring years ago and immeditely thought of Druff and sent him the link in the DM.

    I did not remember sending this and only ...
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