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  1. Maintaining focus, discipline, and keeping a positive outlook when things don't go your way on the felt.

    This is going to be a completely different blog then I have done so far but I'm all about changing it up.

    As the title states focus, discipline, and keeping a positive outlook are crucial elements in being a winning poker player. An individuals mentality plays a big part in the battle of separating many players from being a winner or loser over a decent period of time. If your head isn't in the right frame of mind to play then you shouldn't. One of my favorite TV shows over the past ...
  2. Bitter SWEET

    Last weeks blog was all about running hot, this weeks is blog is similar but has a different tune. Overconfidence was my number one problem this week. Without a doubt I had some wicked bad beats (nothing new) but I seen myself constantly putting money in the pot in situations where airing to the side of caution was the optimal play. Lack of patience was my second problem, this week I found myself a couple times with a favorable chip stack only to give it up by getting myself in trouble by playing ...
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  3. Running HOT

    Iím having a great week playing tournaments, Iím so close to getting even online I can taste it. Playing my aggressive, raise with anything in position style has proven to be much more valuable than my prior tight ABC approach. I canít picture myself ever getting away from this style. Raise after, raise makes your opponents easy to manipulate and easier to read. At the same time itís easier for them to play back at you so at times I use ďcontrolled aggressionĒ and it shows with my multiple cashes ...
  4. Monkey cash

    Analysis of my poker playing skill through my Poker Manager app has shown me my cash game win rate is significant lower than my tournament win rate so naturally Iíve kept a distance from cash games. Lately Iíve been running bad in tournaments, something like the 0-15 in 12 days so I decided to try something different. My bread and butter are low stake tournaments but with running and playing so bad Iíve been strictly playing freerolls, bad thing is they run every two hours. Iíve been trying my hardest ...

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  5. Jermain the donkey

    I suck. Well not really, Iím kind of running bad and this new super aggressive style that Iím playing is causing me to swing more wildly. Iím not going to make excuses for myself, losing has made me play like an idiot and Iíve resorted to making desperate plays at times.

    Thank god for freerolls because Iím currently in 9 tournament losing streak, luckily Iíve stuck to a strict bankroll management plan and Iíve entered plenty of freerolls. Iíve lost 4 mbtc this week bringing my bankroll ...

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