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  1. The Downside of Variance

    About a year and a half ago I was forced to start playing more 6max and ring and 3 handed etc.. due to heads up games drying up and my stubbornness of not learning PLO.

    When I started off there was a lot of things I had to learn again. I hadn't played 6 max since 2009 and when I started playing again it was clear the game had changed a bit and a lot of players had gotten better. A lot of the good action dried up because a lot of fish were switching to No Limit.

  2. MEH !

    Well today about all I got is MEH !!!

    What a shitty day of mtts for me . I could not get a single thing going today , everytime I would start to chip up or even make it a little deep , I would instantly smacked down by losing a 70-30 or a flip or to some random cooler BS it was so rediculous .

    The last week has been pretty bad results wise but Im doing good with keeping up with my volume goals , and hanging in there each day giving it my best . March has been brutal ...
  3. Shitty Day / Another Deep Run

    Whats up yall ,

    Its me again , today went about as wrong as possible for me early on and I was just getting crushed all day . I was busting on the bubble to some awful coolers and bad beats . I felt really frustrated and wanted to unregister everything that I had already planned on playing but decided against it , especially due to Merge Pokers big Poker Maximus Series running . I had already made a couple deep runs in these soft fields with a much better structure but have not ...

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  4. Poker Maximus / MTT grind !

    Whats up yall ,

    Starting my first blog here to just have a place to throw ideas , track progress , etc , for my mtt progress in 2012 . I have played poker sorta of professionaly for a couple years now with some being successful and some not so much lol . I got lazy at one point and really fell off the curve in mtts and am now trying to catch back up.

    I feel a whole new commitment to poker as a game as a whole and mtts especially. I have been successful throughout ...
  5. 4 Instances in Online Poker Where I felt I Was Cheated or Something Wasn't Right

    The year was around 2006 and I was working as a sous chef in a high end restaurant. At the time I was heavily involved in sports gambling and was playing poker at least 20 hours a week. I would play a lot in local live 1-2 nl games and play some 5-10 and 10-20 limit at Foxwoods as well. And I had been dabbling in online poker as well since 2004. I never really played over 5-10 limit online accept the few times I ran my roll up in a drunken ...
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