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  1. Details to "Operation Avalanche" HELLS ANGELS connection !

    I was going back and trying to find info about Cruiseship Dave and found this link telling the story - so crazy to even find it

    I had searched years ago and did not find this.
  2. Slim the 500 pound Biker Who Went To China

    My mom and dad fought often when I was a small. We started out in NC as a family but my dad Tony had a brother and cousins in Rock Hill SC and moved us there to be closer to them and the possibility of work in the family business of laying floor coverings. We lived on Lizzie street and one of my earliest memories was of riding in the car early one morning and pulling up the the " biker clubhouse" my dad was a part of and her barging in and catching him asleep on the couch with some whore, ...
  3. Prison stories from Hell

    I had been at Ridgeland Correctional in Ridgeland SC only a short time before I had to become a true Gladiator-
    You may ask how a young white kid in a predominately black prison would survive almost unscathed , considering the tales people hear about dropping soap or weakness being preyed upon which is all true , but the way you carry yourself determines how much respect you get.

    If you don't respect yourself, You will not get any in prison where only the most cunning and ...