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  1. Maintaining focus, discipline, and keeping a positive outlook when things don't go your way on the felt.

    This is going to be a completely different blog then I have done so far but I'm all about changing it up.

    As the title states focus, discipline, and keeping a positive outlook are crucial elements in being a winning poker player. An individuals mentality plays a big part in the battle of separating many players from being a winner or loser over a decent period of time. If your head isn't in the right frame of mind to play then you shouldn't. One of my favorite TV shows over the past ...
  2. Filling out the Bracket

    Here we go (video below). This is one of my favorite times of the year. In this video I discuss and share some thoughts about the upcoming games to.

    Best of luck to anyone whose in any pools.

    I will probably get owned by some mid major bracket buster like many years but whenever that happens I'm usually in the same boat as millions of others who want to rip their brackets up in a million pieces and throw them ...
  3. In a Zone

    Hello everyone. It's been a few months since I did any blogging and figured I would go back to a random video blog like I did in the past.

    In this blog I discuss the first couple months of the year for me and go on with some other random ramblings. Other topics that come up include baseball, march madness, bitcoin, and more while showing a clip of me playing four tables of zone poker on Bovada which I originally recorded with commentary live but the audio got screwed up in that ...
  4. Closed last year our with a BANG and 2014 Goals.

    First off Happy New Year to everyone. Let 2014 be good to you all!

    The last two live poker sessions I played in 2013 were very good ones and have given me the motivation (for the moment) to want to put in more time live. I've been rather lazy the past few months playing maybe once a week in Brick and Mortar games which I'd prefer to put in at least two to four sessions a week and then fill in some hours on other days playing online. Some of this is just due to flat out laziness on ...
  5. Testing 1...2...3....

    Hey everyone! I just recorded this video blog like I did in the past to test a new headset I recently bought but haven't done anything with yet. In this blog I talk some about the recent radio show I ran along with lewfather and then show a brief hand history (5 hands) at the end of the video showing the free Bovada hand replayer for those that might not know it even existed.

    Streaming Link: ...
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