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  1. The Run Bad Poker Mentality: Trying to CORRECT what is in your power at the tables.

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I wrote a blog and figured I would do one today.

    I've had a few bad months recently at the tables so I figured it would be a nice time to write this blog regarding variance and a persons mentality when nothing seems to go right for several months in a row.

    Anyone who has played a decent amount of poker in their life will deal with running bad. A lot of things can contribute to your downswing at the tables. Many times it starts ...
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  2. Some Random Poker Updates, BNP Twitch Streaming for fun for a little while now, and More.

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last blog so I figured why not do one?

    This year as far as poker goes has had it's share of good moments and bad ones but a ton of taking two steps forward and two steps back. It's annoying but what can you do?

    I play over a few sites and haven't played on Bovada that much since early last year when I cashed out everything but I decide to make a small deposit again when they offered me a free $55 tournament ticket if I put $100+ ...
  3. Can the Ray Rice Poker Hand Win?

    Watch and find out:

    Someone told me this joke playing live poker a little while back when he won with the Q2. He said he loves winning with the Ray Rice hand. Someone at the table replied: "Ray Rice hand?" and he said "Yeah, Q2 is the Ray Rice hand and then yelled "DUCK BITCH!". The way he told it was hilarious and I won a hand with it online so I figured I'd tell anyone who never heard of the hand
  4. Why Abandoning your Plan of Action in Poker a Majority of the Time is BAD.

    Hey all it's been a while. This isn't a typical blog and maybe I will do one of those again soon but this is something I felt like posting about regarding poker especially to help newer players out.

    I will say I rarely play online MTT's anymore due to time dedications that you have to commit to but once or twice a month I get that itch to register for a handful of them.

    This is an example of why in poker abandoning your plan of action is typically a bad idea especially ...
  5. New Blog: My thoughts on the 2014 One Drop Winner Daniel Colman regarding his thoughts on Poker Media and Poker in general.

    It's been a while since I did a blog but I find the subject of the new One Drop Winner Daniel Colman to be a very interesting debate.

    For those who don't know what I am talking about Daniel "mrgr33n13" Colman "cashed" for over $15 million million dollars by winning the One Drop defeating Daniel Negreanu heads up. The key word is "cashed" because all of these guys are selling most of themselves in this one million dollar buy in tournament which makes their ...
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