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  1. Dealing blackjack to Amazing Kreskin & Ken Uston

    I dealt single deck blackjack to Kreskin in 1979 on the graveyard shift at Harolds Club in Reno. He was doing a show at Harrah's and decided to play blackjack afterwards. The table was empty and he came up to my table and bought in with a $100 bill. Kreskin hardly said a word and spread $5-$20 and won a couple of hundred dollars.

    From seeing his shows, I was wondering if Kreskin could read my mind while peeking under a ten card or ace, looking for the dreaded dealer blackjack. Kreskin ...
  2. YouTube “Shorts” and an another disaster

    Druff has fixed the ability upload to these Shorts. Enjoy them.

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  3. YouTube “Shorts” Display and a disaster Baccarat high roller bets it all. Continues in comments

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