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    Lol oops
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    "The best tournament players are cashing about 33% of the time that means 77% of the time there losing." With math skills like that...I can see why you lose so much.
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    Poker Pod, Railbirds, La Poker Nostra. Old times, good times but we all move on.

    33% success will get you paid big as a baseball hitter. Should be good in tourneys too.
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    Do you have some sort of job besides losing at poker and flipping video games? You discovered the buy and hold philosophy without even realizing it in regards to investing. Go make some real money, invest it, and when you're fifty maybe you'll be worth a few hundred K. Hint - Do NOT invest it in bitcoin.

    FYI, don't be ashamed of posting stories, especially negative ones. Everyone likes reading a good train wreck every now and then.
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    I have a great career that I devote 100% of myself to and in no way do I ever see playing poker as the only way of supporting myself. No one should. I'm still young and I have no kids, I owe it myself to give poker a serious shot. Even if being a pro is not in my cards I know that I will be a serious poker player for the rest of my life.
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    Most of us tried to do some variant of playing poker at high levels, spare yourself the inevitable anguish and focus on a career. When I play now, I enjoy the game a lot more.
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    Good luck. Seems like when it comes to real money you kinda suck but you're top top with fake money. I say concentrate on real money for a year and if you lose in 2016 give up on your dream of becoming a pro.
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    bi-winning blog
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    Keep grinding and blogging, good stuff jacosta, your heading in the right direction.
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    SWC is by far the best BTC poker site, the software is crisp and clean and they have an android app so you can pretty much play anywhere on the go. I mostly play 6max tournaments, my style fits perfectly with the short hand play but I play others also because there's plenty of fish on that site. When I play live I play 1\2 nlhe or tournaments from $250 to $50 in local casinos in southern California.

    Thanks for the read and good luck!
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    SWC grinder, eh?

    Tell us what the site is like - whats the feel?

    Playing strictly tournies?

    good read - good luck