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  1. Putting in the WORK

    I cant wait for the WSOP…

    It’s something different to play bracelet events. The sound of the giant rooms filled with poker players from all around the world and there chatter. The sound from all the chips shuffling and all cards being dealt is something that catches you off guard if your not ready for it. Plus the thought of winning millions of dollars is constantly gnawing at the back of your head pushing you to play your best or fold under the pressure.

    I’m going ...
  2. Running HOT

    I’m having a great week playing tournaments, I’m so close to getting even online I can taste it. Playing my aggressive, raise with anything in position style has proven to be much more valuable than my prior tight ABC approach. I can’t picture myself ever getting away from this style. Raise after, raise makes your opponents easy to manipulate and easier to read. At the same time it’s easier for them to play back at you so at times I use “controlled aggression” and it shows with my multiple cashes ...
  3. Focus on the Prize

    Poker is just one long session. Make the right decision and in the long run you’ll show a profit, let the cards the fall where they may. You cant control the outcome of the cards, all you can control is how you play the cards you’re dealt. It’s a pretty simple way to live by, the hard part is retaining your focus and discipline in high pressure situations and times of great despair when all seems lost……But never give up, I fucken repeat never give up. Ever.

    I didn’t have a great week ...

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  4. Online poker vs. My bankroll

    Online poker. Once a click of a mouse away for Americans, now just a distant memory. I used to play on Pokerstars, it was fun playing in my underwear. Now with the DOJ shutting down online poker in the USA except for a few states, players have to go to other means. Enter Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto.

    I've been playing poker for bitcoin on a website called ...

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