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  1. So I get Paid 80% of my Salary to do Nothing

    This is as much of an update to my working situation if anything: Currently I work for a company which supplies data to the betting industry. Since Corona has struck in this country we have been put on furlough which means we can't work and my employer will claim 80% of my salary back from the government which I will be paid until this lockdown / no work situation is ongoing.

    My last blog post on here was talking about how I had been fired from my previous employer, and reading back ...
  2. I got Shit Canned from my Job

    So yesterday I got fired from my job.

    I had worked there just over one year, as a Customer Service Advisor for a large UK bookmaker in their call center Head Office.

    The reason they let me go was because I had been late six times, and also had six single day absences (sickness) since I started. To be fair two of those absences were self inflicted from killer hangovers, and I cited food poisoning as a reason.

    My argument was that they dont even do sick ...
  3. Freedom is Slavery

    Taken from George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength". These paradoxical sayings were coined by Orwell as examples which gave meaning to his ideological term 'doublethink'.

    Slavery was said to have been abolished many years ago, yet we live in a world where >99% of people are slaves to money. Most people probably don't think of themselves as slaves, because they've been institutionalised into the working world ethos. ...
  4. I Uploaded a Youtube Music Video

    I was using itunes before and had it on shuffle when I stumbled on an underground uk hip hop track that I remember listening to years ago. It's called 'Call The Doctor' by some complete unknowns by the name of 'The Extremists'. I typed the song into Youtube only to find that it wasn't on there, which is surprising because Youtube has literally everything. So I decided to make a video by using a hospital scene from the anime movie 'Akira' and think that it fits quite well.

    It's the ...

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  5. The Messenger Always Gets Shot

    The Messenger Always Gets Shot

    When talking about controversial topics amongst a group that conforms to popular consensus, it would be a smart decision to go with the grain; unless you don't mind causing a stir and the consequent knee-jerk 'ad-hom' reactions that usually come with such territory. It reminds me of the old Japanese proverb:

    "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down"

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