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  1. thesparten's Avatar
    I ran a restaurant for a long time.
    It takes 20 minutes to ready your station for work.

    So yeah, it's a fucken ball buster when a server is alredy late for a lunch rush.

    6x late AND 6x out...

    Later fag......
  2. ShawnFanningsLimpDick's Avatar
    Sorry to hear a NWP member and fellow-Brit is struggling. You're always going to be broke working at minimum wage jobs though.

    I was recently eating breakfast in the middle of an old-school street market with the metal frame things they wheel around as stalls. I was sitting opposite a stall selling baby/young kids clothes and I swear the guy did 300 of business in 15 minutes. It was as if he were selling crack cocaine. It was all round prices and 3-for-10 type stuff, all paid in cash. It was probably his busiest period but he has to be selling 2K's worth a day.

    So that's my suggestion, see if there's a market nearby with minimal overheads to get a stall and go into baby clothes. The female chavs of Britain are unlikely to give up their propensity to birth multiple offspring via a multi-racial cast of casual acquaintances any time soon.
  3. ftpjesus's Avatar
    Whole fucking limey country is unethical from what Ive seen.. They taught the NHS as the Utopian answer to healthcare and now they've willfully murdered two kids who had offers of healthcare in other countries and the lovely Statists decided the parents don't get to decide if their child lives or dies or deserves a second chance its decided by governmental beaucratic motherfuckers.. And yet the liberal cucks in the USA want British style NHS healthcare in this country.. Gotta ask.. You want the government deciding if you or your child lives or dies or should the parents decide??? (Funny thing is if you a rich bitch you can do what you want in the UK as far as Healthcare and probably have private insurance.. but shhhhh the Libs don't want that getting out).. Sorry for shating on your blog RegGaymer but what happened to that kid most recently was fucking criminal
  4. thesparten's Avatar
    That was good!!! It bugged me out. I liked it.
  5. YUUP's Avatar
    Good read
  6. Benford's Avatar
    Life's a struggle out there, no doubt, but you're showing lots of courage to take on the big, scary world out there since poker went by the wayside. Keep posting and all the best, man! Hope you can put it all together.
  7. Sanlmar's Avatar
    Keep blogging. Love the idioms of your country

    cheers mate
  8. jacosta24's Avatar
    Keep ur eyes and ears open, life is a grind brother