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    First I have to say today is the first day I came Upon this by searching google and my Name. Tom Sedivy is still alive and well and just wanted to tell you what a Great story this was; I was glad to see my name mentioned in such a postive way since the radio gods in the end decided my fate. I recently was in LA and called KEARTH and the dj was so surprised that I was alive as the rumor had it I had passed away and thats why no one heard from me again. Really my oldest brother passed away in 1996 and since I already figured the radio stations were no longer playing by there own rules it was time for me to move on. I really enjoyed that article and it was fun to see someone else playing by the rules and wish he would have won the money......I will always be the King of Radio contest and learned so many things I wish I would have written the Book.........Take care tom