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Thread: Sugarhouse Casino in Pennsylvania fined $30k, people fired over Doug Polk "flip" hand

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    Sugarhouse Casino in Pennsylvania fined $30k, people fired over Doug Polk "flip" hand

    Here's a pretty good Pokernews writeup of the situation:

    In short, the PA Gaming Commission fined Sugarhouse $30k for spreading two unauthorized games -- 10-card Stud and Open Face Chinese.

    In both cases, the "spreading" of such games was extremely brief.

    The 10-card Stud game was a $42k "flip" between him and Jeremy Kaufman, where basically each blind-wagered $42k, and then were each dealt 10 cards, attempting to make the best possible 5 card hand. This was recorded and later uploaded to YouTube:

    Two employees were disciplined, and two supervisors resigned over the matter (perhaps with an imminent firing coming?)

    This was done after a filming of Poker Night in America.

    In a separate incident, five hands of Open Face Chinese were dealt without house permission by a "dealer who went rogue" (lol), but the game was quickly stopped.

    The Pennsylvania Gaming Board meeting covering these matters is below, starting at 1:15:00.

    For those of you that don't know, state gaming boards are very strict regarding the type of poker games spread. If unapproved games are spread, even once, the casino can get in big trouble.

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    The stupidity of gov't on full display ...

      cleatus: you in a completely unregulated casino would be hilarious. you the idiot would quickly be separated from your meager roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sah_24 View Post
    The stupidity of gov't on full display ...
    or, the stupidity of Sugarhouse Casino employees on full display.

      sah_24: as usual, you prove to be retarded
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