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Thread: *** OFFICIAL *** Buy a Piece of Dan Druff in 2019 WSOP Thread

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    *** OFFICIAL *** Buy a Piece of Dan Druff in 2019 WSOP Thread

    It's time for the WSOP, and I have again decided to sell pieces of the events I am playing.

    Before we get started, here are a few things to consider:

    - I am doing this both to reduce variance and to give the PFA community a way to experience some of the excitement of the WSOP without actually attending. However, I would play all of these tournaments with or without any pieces being bought of me.

    - I am not promoting this as a great investment opportunity. It's not. It's simply a chance for you to be able to have fun rooting for a WSOP player you know (me), while being financially invested in his results.

    - The biggest advantage you get by buying pieces of me is that you know I am 100% reliable. There is zero chance you will get stiffed if I cash, and zero chance I will take your money and run and/or fake playing the events. In addition, as I don't drink or do drugs, you will be assured that I will be playing all of these events in a proper mental and physical state.

    - Another big advantage is that I will FREQUENTLY update my chip counts and other tournament info via my "chips" Twitter: .... so you'll feel like you're actually there.

    - This is a straight-up "buy a piece" deal. If you buy pieces of my events and lose, there is no "makeup". The money is gone forever.

    - If you finish with a net profit of $600 or more, I will need to send you tax forms. That will require me having your full name, address, and social security number. If you don't feel comfortable with that, I suggest you don't buy any pieces of me. Of course, I will keep all information in the strictest confidence, and will only ask for it if I need to issue you a tax form.

    - This includes two satellites, but they will be treated as cash events. Whatever I win in tournament lammers will be converted to cash at full value, and you will get the corresponding percentage payout. So if I get the best result of $10,100, you will receive $50.50 for each share you have in me. You will NOT get a piece of a future event as a result of that satellite.

    - Many of you know of my health problems which started in August 2018, as well as my anxiety/depression issues which sprung from those physical health issues. I can assure you that I have played many hours of poker in the past several months, with no issue. Additionally, most of the anxiety and almost all of the depression has disappeared since then. None of this should interfere with my ability to show up to events and perform at the same level I did last year. If you still have doubts, of course you are welcome to skip buying a piece of me. If I do feel any physical or psychological issues come up, I will not play, but I don't think that's likely, aside from temporary illnesses such as colds or flus.

    - Since I am no longer getting comp hotel rooms or food, I do have real expenses to be at the WSOP. However, I am not passing any of this onto the investors, and am not charging more than I was in previous years (in fact, I'm charging less!)

    - There are two events where I will re-enter if I bust. Therefore, investors will be charged for two bullets in advance, and will get a full refund (including markup) for any unused buyins. See the below event list for details.

    - If I decide to fire unplanned extra bullets in certain events, or if I decide to add events to the schedule, I will have 100% of myself in those events, as you will not have paid for those. If you are concerned whether or not I really fired additional bullets in events where you only paid for one, I will be happy to provide proof. This is not likely to happen, however. This term is only covering the "just in case" situation.

    Okay, now that I've gotten that stuff out of the way, let's get to the details...

    New for this year: I am selling two different packages -- one with $1k-$3k buyin events, and the other with two $10k buyin events. I did something similar in 2017. However, this year I am reducing markup of the $10k events to just 15%.

    Here are the events for sale. All will be ONE BULLET (one buyin) unless otherwise noted.

    Package #1 -- $1k to $3k events -- 19.76% markup
    May 30th: $1500 Limit O8
    June 5: $1100 Limit O8 satellite (will pay any winnings as cash)
    June 7-8: $1500 Millionaire Maker NL Holdem (starting day based upon how far I get in O8 on June 6)
    *June 9: $1000 NL Holdem Double Stack
    June 25: $1500 PLO8 -- will play two bullets if necessary
    June 27: $1500 Mixed Omaha (O8/PLO8/Big O) -- will play two bullets if necessary
    June 29: $1500 Limit Holdem
    July 1: $1100 Limit Holdem satellite (will pay any winnings as cash)
    **July 8: $3000 Limit Holdem 6-Max
    Total Buyins: $16,700
    0.5% cost before markup: $83.50
    Each share (0.5%) after markup: $100

    Package #2 -- $10k Limit Events -- 15% markup
    June 6: $10,000 Limit O8
    July 2: $10,000 Limit Holdem
    Total Buyins: $20,000
    0.5% cost before markup: $100
    Each share (0.5%) after markup: $115

    Not selling -- don't ask, I won't change my mind!
    May 31-June 2: $500 Big 50
    *June 30: $888 Crazy Eights NL Holdem (will only play if I fail to make Day 2 of $1500 Limit Holdem)
    July 4: $10,000 Main Event

    Again, note that I am only marking up the big events 15% this year.

    * indicates that I will miss the event if I make Day 2 of the previous event.
    ** indicates that I will miss the event if I am still "alive" in the WSOP Main Event.

    I will be selling 80 shares of the above packages, at a rate of 19.76% markup. Each "share" gets you 0.5% of my TOTAL cashes for the package you buy.

    You may only buy a maximum of 8 shares of me in each package, meaning you will own a maximum of 4% of my action.

    Once I get to 80 shares sold (40%), I am closing it.

    If it seems there isn't enough interest to get me up to 40%, at that point I will open it up for people with 4% to buy more if they want.

    If I miss any events, you will get a FULL REFUND, INCLUDING MARKUP for those unplayed events.

    If I owe you money and you were waiting to use it to buy pieces of me, please PM me with the details (including the date of our last PM or e-mail discussing it), and I will look into it.

    I will be using the free site to list/manage the pieces of the events I'm selling. However, this will NOT affect the way you pay me. You will be sending all payments to me directly. Tastystakes will simply be used for record-keeping. I will be posting the link to that shortly.

    I accept the following payments: Bitcoin, bank transfer (PM me for bank info), Zelle, cash-in-envelope (no refund if it gets lost in the mail), Cash App (, and one "other" method (PM for info).

    Unless I know you really well, I can't "hold" pieces for you until I actually have your money in hand. It's first come, first served.

    Feel free to post any questions.

    Please do NOT clutter this thread with trolling, nonsense, or debates whether or not my markup is a good value. If you wish to make such commentary, feel free to start a different thread. This thread is only for direct discussion of people interested in buying WSOP pieces.

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    Some facts:

    - I have cashed in every single WSOP since I first entered in 2005. This is despite the fact that I played fewer than 10 events in most years.

    - I am the 12th biggest casher ALL TIME at Limit Holdem in WSOP history.

    - I have been the chip leader in Mid-Day-1 or later in the $1500 Limit Holdem for most of the past 9 WSOPs. In 2017, I was the stone bubble boy of the event. In 2016, was chipleader with 42 left, but shockingly cashed only 40th.

    - I have been competitive in the NL events I've played, and in fact cashed in the only two NL events I played in 2018 (excluding the Main). In one of the $1500 NLs last year, I got 33rd place out of well over 1300 entrants.

    - I have over a decade of experience playing at the WSOP, and have racked up over $750k worth of cashes (despite entering relatively few large buyin events). I have a very good feel for the format, the field, the player types, the length of play, the venue, etc.

    - It is very important to me to do my best at these events. I always show up well rested, and will only play when feeling healthy. Also, I don't NEED this money to enter the events, and you know 100% that I won't cheat you in any way. I have a stellar, 100% track record of honesty and integrity in the poker community in my 18 years as part of it.

    - I provide you with frequent, detailed updates of the action via my Twitter (which auto-post to this forum, as well). I also post recaps of each day to this forum (provided I make it semi-deep), as well as previews of Day 2s and beyond. When you follow my action, you feel like you're sitting right there with me.

    - My O8 and PLO8 games have vastly improved in the past few years, to where I am very competitive at these events. Don't believe me? In 2018, I cashed 59th out of over 1100 people at $1500 O8, cashed with a single bullet at $1500 PLO8, and almost cashed TWICE at $1500 Mixed Omaha, but got rivered for 2 horrible beats in huge pots to end both. I also was the stone bubble boy at the O8 WSOP circuit event at the Bike in November 2018, and was 7 from the money in the $1100 O8 event at Commerce in February 2019. Those were the only two Omaha events I've attempted since the WSOP, so you can see how often I've been running deep or cashing.


    The bottom line is that you will be doing this for ENTERTAINMENT. If you can't make it to the WSOP, and if you want to have a piece of a reliable, experienced player, who will update his progress very frequently, then this is a great spot for you.

    If you're looking for a highly +EV money making opportunity, then you should look elsewhere.

    Why am I selling pieces? Because I don't play tournaments often, and I like to soften the variance. I also enjoy knowing that members of this community are following along and have something to root for.

    Is the markup fair? I don't know. 20% is a typical markup from what I've seen for years by viewing others' deals. I reduced it to 15% for the $10k events, due to their difficulty. Some people offer lower markup, usually when they are broke and HAVE to sell pieces in order to play. Others are delusional and sell pieces at 30%-40% markup. I don't want to do that either, even if people would buy it at that rate. Again, this is being sold for entertainment, and not being promoted as a way for you to get rich.

    Post all questions in this thread.

    Do NOT post that you're "reserving" a piece, as that is meaningless. Nothing is reserved until I get your money.

    Do NOT start debates about markup rates or the events I've chosen to play. Those are both set in stone, and this thread is not for that purpose.

    Do NOT troll me or anyone else in this thread. Anyone doing so will have their messages deleted, and they will be banned from the thread permanently.

    Thanks, and I look forward to playing this year!

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    $500 package 1. Money sent BOA. Undecided on package 2 at this time. Good luck.

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    For package 1 I'll take the usual:
    4% for me
    1% for gf

    Please PM paypal addy
    "I GOT NO TOE"

    #FreeFluffler #FreeThisGuyIsCreepy #lockupGarrett

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    1 share (0.5%) of each booked; BTC sent.
    Quote Originally Posted by MumblesBadly View Post
    "So, yeah. I'm definitely a total fucking retard".
    Quote Originally Posted by Gene Hunt
    NoFraud Online Poker Room: For password resets and reload requests PM me.

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    Hi Druff....I emailed you at for shares of wsop. Can you respond via email or is it better to post request here?

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    List of shares bought (80 total in each package):

    (Updated 3/23/19 at 12:30am)

    Package #1
    handicapme 8
    handicapme's girlfriend 2
    mdj1980 1
    belly buster 1
    Pooh 5
    Malibu Elyse 1
    Gavin 2
    Rayo88 1
    CliffJ 1
    SS 8
    Winona86 6
    TC 1

    Package #2
    mdj1980 1
    belly buster 1
    CliffJ 1
    SS 8
    Winona86 2

    Those listed as RESERVED are people who are in the process of paying me. I do not reserve shares for people, but will hold them for a few days while payments are pending.

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    One share of Package #1. Please use $95.50 from last year's Buy a Piece of Dan Druff payout. For the remaining $4.50 balance, please PM an e-mail for the 'other' San Jose based payment method.

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    $100 for 1K-3K. Please send me information on how to send via the other method you mention often. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Themuckster View Post
    $100 for 1K-3K. Please send me information on how to send via the other method you mention often. Thank you.

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