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  1. Waiting for the next BOOM

    All I hear about these days is how hard poker is to beat and how in the early days a mediocre poker player could make a healthy living off the game, because the opposition was so weak. This frustrates me because I feel like I missed my chance to capitalize on the online poker boom, I feel like my game and bankroll is at a level where if I had the opportunity, I could succeed at online poker if the games were really that juicy.

    I reside in beautiful California, and currently it is ...
  2. Can the Ray Rice Poker Hand Win?

    Watch and find out:

    Someone told me this joke playing live poker a little while back when he won with the Q2. He said he loves winning with the Ray Rice hand. Someone at the table replied: "Ray Rice hand?" and he said "Yeah, Q2 is the Ray Rice hand and then yelled "DUCK BITCH!". The way he told it was hilarious and I won a hand with it online so I figured I'd tell anyone who never heard of the hand
  3. My first poker blog

  4. Mandatory Work Activity Scheme Part 2

    Yesterday as I was lying in bed asleep some time around afternoon I received a couple of missed calls, as the phone rang each time I just lay there thinking to myself "fuck off world, I don't want any" - I thought it may have been the job centre telling me about my work placement - so I proceeded to ignore and roll over back to sleep. When I fully woke up and went downstairs I found a letter from the job centre detailing the dreaded work placement. I had previously thought that they were ...

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  5. Grinding my face OFF

    Call a doctor my face has literally fallen off!! Ok thatís a bit of an exaggeration but in all sincerity, Iíve played 30+ online tournaments in three weeks and have been extremely successful. First things first I placed 16th in the prestigious DREXEL 1ST ANNUAL 1,000 INVITATIONAL FREEROLL! I was 2nd in chips with 30 players left until Druff was moved to my table. He proceeded to bust a "Greycat" on me and sent me on a downward spiral I couldn't recover from. Other than that Iíve made 10 ...
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